Our Shops

Over the years, my daughter has become my true partner in managing the sheep.  We also process and enjoy their wool.  Both of us maintain Etsy shops:

Made In A Cottage is Natasha’s shop (my daughter).

My Little Sheep is Kristin’s shop (mine).

If you are looking for hand spun yarns, you’ll want to start your search in Natasha’s shop since she typically spins more.  I love to dye the wool and am becoming quite hooked on weaving.  We both usually have a knitting project going too. So our shops reflect our various interests and change often.

If you live in our area, we also offer many of the yarns for sale at our winery:  Lambs and Vines Winery   Since the winery hours vary with the seasons, be sure to check the website before coming.  If you come when the sheep are grazing the winery vineyard (spring and fall seasons), you might enjoy sitting on the patio sipping wine while knitting with the wool of the sheep you are watching graze!