Useful Links


North American Babydoll Sheep Association and Registry (NABSSAR)


Information and Supplies:

Pipestone Vet Clinic  – is an online source for supplies and has information and articles about many issues relating to sheep.

Premier 1  – has a good variety of sheep supplies.  Their catalog is also quite informative about various products and procedures. Since they use their farm to test products, they are quite familiar with how the products do “in the field”.

Jeffers  – is another good source for sheep supplies.

Sheep Information:

PennState Extension – Sheep  information offered through Penn State that has lessons available (free) online.  They include some good pictures.

Southdown Sheep (the larger sheep)  This site is about the larger Southdowns, but obviously has some information that also relates to our smaller heritage Southdown sheep.

Southdown Sheep in the UK  These sheep have a lot in common with our Babydolls!

Sheep Shearers:

Shearers  A directory of shearers for the U.S. and Canada.

Breeder’s Listing for Babydoll Sheep:

NABSSAR Breeders  The NABSSAR’s listing of breeders.