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We can be contacted through email:

Please write “Babydolls” on the subject line to make sure I read it. (Communication through email helps me stay better organized than talking by phone.)

Our Location:

We live in southwest Missouri in the Springfield area.


Sometimes the sheep help graze our winery vineyard.   Although seeing them would not be up close and personal, it is enjoyable to watch them graze while sipping wine on the patio.  If the sheep are your main purpose for visiting, you may want to write to see if the sheep are grazing there at that time.  Here is a link to the winery website:  Lambs And Vines Winery

Even if the sheep aren’t grazing at the winery the day you visit, we have a video playing there featuring the sheep!  You are welcome to come, have a seat, and watch it while sipping/munching.  The video follows the sheep through the four seasons on our farm, starting with newborn lambs.