Lambing Chronicles

These are my “chronicles” of lambing during various years, with very different conditions (just click on the year):

2007 – This was my second year of having sheep.  My flock was small and I didn’t have good facilities, so was doing the best I could with what was available.  I was in the process of learning many things, and the sheep were busy teaching me!

2008 and 2009 – These years the flock was growing quickly, and I was figuring out “systems” and better ways to do things.  We had a sheep barn built, and had acquired some equipment (like hog panels) to help with lambing season.

2013 – The purpose in 2013 was to pass on a few things I’d learned along the way, during a very busy lambing season.   If you are starting out with raising sheep, and only have time to read one lambing chronicle, this is the one!  It walks you through the basic procedures, discusses feeding pregnant ewes, lets you experience the birth of twins, all while enjoying the new lives.

In the summer of 2019 due to personal reasons having to do with the increased needs of my parents, we made the decision to no longer produce lambs.  Now our flock is simply a “fiber flock” and of course, beloved pets.  I will certainly miss all those little lambs each spring!