Lambs For Sale?

What?!?  No lambs?  During the summer of 2019 the very hard decision was made to stop producing lambs.  The needs of my aging parents have become ongoing and unpredictable.  I feel it would be unwise for me to attempt another lambing season, knowing a crisis could happen at any time.    

Since 2006 we’ve had over 500 lambs born here, so spring will certainly never be the same without those sweet little lambies!

Anyway, a new phase in this adventure has begun:  

Our ewes will continue to live here, enjoying their early retirement from producing lambs.  They will continue to provide us with wool (a “fiber flock”) and simply be pasture pets.  They will also spend more time in the spring and fall grazing among the vines at our little family winery which will please our winery visitors!  (In the past, they were kept in other pastures since those were their breeding and lambing seasons, much to the dismay of our guests.)

Our rams have moved to Ohio where they will contribute their genetics for the lambs of Buckeye Babydolls.  We are so appreciative to Justin and Mandy Slaven for allowing the boys to keep working and for giving them a good home.

My daughter and I are excited about devoting more time to our fiber projects, learning more and taking our skills further.  So this change is not simply an ending.  It is also a new beginning, like so many other phases in life.

THANK YOU to our many customers over the years!  It has been a joy to provide lambs for you, and I’ve also enjoyed the pleasure of gaining many new friends along the way. 

To help you in your search for lambs, below are the links to the Members page for the two registries.  Members are listed by state, so hopefully you will be able to find someone with lambs in your area:

NABSSAR members

Olde English “Babydoll” Registry members

If you want to find someone near my location (southwest Missouri), I’d be happy to recommend some sources that I am familiar with.

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